Patriot: Season 2

Michael Dormer & Terry O'Quinn

Simply put, I think this is the best show on TV right now.


Stylistically and visually, I do not think there are many shows in the same stratosphere... but all of that is worthless without any well written characters and/or story driving them into action. "Patriot" excels across the board.

This show is not for everyone. It gets dark (sometimes violently dark) at times, but has such a quirky way with dialog (its the most i think i have ever laughed at subtitles) that there are moments were i was laughing out loud while watching it alone (which I think is a pretty good meter for judging a shows comedic quality).

It's really a credit to the cast of characters the show slowly assembled and developed in season 1. So many characters that could have been left out of this season are, as far as plot purposes, needlessly thrown back into the mix in season 2. I don't know why Jack Birdbath is in France. But I am certainly glad he is. Cool Rick, Peter Ichabod, Gregory in HR, Leslie "Guy with the girls name" Clarett, Dennis "Best Friend" McClaren, and more... each one is used just enough (with the possible exception of Cool Rick, who I can not get enough of) in support of the central figure, John "John Lakeman" Tavner , who is once again phenomenal as the folk-singing special agent with worse luck than any spy in the history of television.

The folk music (which was indirectly integral to the plot of season 1) has less of a role in the plot, but is more plentiful in season 2 (and much funnier) and used in a way that I am not sure has ever been done in a spy/action show. (Additionally, Beastie Boys get promoted from season 1 soundtrack to season 2 opening credits with 'Sureshot')

I am purposefully not using any spoilers, but parts of the plot are so bizarre that even trying to spoil them would be tough to do. There are valuable life lessons in this show, like learning the The Vantasner Danger Meridian, and crucial information such as the Finger Replantation Viability Meter (ok, maybe that one is easy to decipher).

Season 1 was sort of a mashup of the styles of Wes Anderson and The Coen Brothers. This season is more of a mash up of Wes Anderson and early Guy Ritchie films.

Most all of the loose ends from season one are more cleanly tied up in this season, but the final episode was ended ambiguously enough to keep the the audience hopeful for a third season.

This show is far from "Pretty Good". It's "Double Great".


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