Thuns Out, Guns Out

Mike Tyson is self aware

In the summer of 2016, Mike Tyson wanted to launch a t-shirt - and after his turn in the Hangover trilogy seemed to be someone who was not at all opposed to self deprecating humor.... which lead to the idea of the 80's retro, lisp heavy "Thuns Out" t-shirt design.  

Iron Mike embraced it to the level of a photo shoot, and he sold over 7,000 shirts in only 5 days after blasting it out over his social networks.

A Punchers Chance

These other concepts/designs, while also enjoyed by the client, really did not stand much of a chance compared to the 80's inspired beach shirt.  The "Iron Pigeons" approach looked to take two of Tysons passions and make it into a fake Boxing Academy or Team - But Mike wanted to go really hard at self depreciating humor angle, and in the end "Thuns Out" beat out  , while "Endlith Thummer"